Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished but Not Cut Off

Detail of right panel of Intertwined on TC-1 loom

I feel triumphant. I finished weaving Intertwined yesterday afternoon. It is still on the loom because I want to weave some small studies before cutting off. I was thinking that this weaving is in the genre of weavings that use intertwined trees as symbols for lovers--but historians will be able to date my weaving by the electrical line running across the image, an item missing in fabrics from the 16th century!

After I do some small studies, I am going to try and weave a piece that ends in cascading warps so I can capture the beautiful area where the current warp was tied to the previous one. I might even include the other join that is further down the warp.

Knots where two warps were joined

I noticed that the weave structure I posted was incomprehensible, so I enlarged it for those of you interested in the technical aspects of weaving to see. I am posting two structures so you can compare them. They are almost identical, but the first one brings the second weft to the face of the cloth, and the one below it brings the third weft to the face of the cloth. I use a method of tacking the back wefts that causes one to lie close to the web, and the others to lie on top of each other so the packing of the wefts can be tight. This method of differential tacking is briefly discussed in The Woven Pixel, though most of the structures we include in the chapter on weft-backed weaves use a more traditional method of even tacking. I will put a translation for the name of the first structure below it, and you can decipher the name of the second structure.

4WB1,11satin 2 to Top
(translation: 4 wefts used in a weft-backed structure that uses a 1,11 satin
 as the face structure and shows the second weft on the face.)

4WB1,11satin 3 to Top

I want to catch up on a few things here. First, Comcast put in a new wire between the pole across the street and our house and everything is working fine now. Second, you can get Apple computers fixed in Vermont, as many readers informed me (everyone spoke highly of Small Dog) but I wanted to go to an Apple Store so they would have access to the records showing all the previous attempts at repair by Apple. Next time I will stay in Vermont for repair--but hopefully there won't be a next time. And some people still can't make comments to this blog. I did go back and check that anyone can post, but if it doesn't work for you, and you want a comment posted for all to read, send it directly to me and I will post it in the blog.

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