Sunday, April 26, 2009


detail of warp-backed study woven at 60 ppi (though it says 70 ppi)

I just finished weaving a warp-backed study that will be a comparison between this type of cloth and a double weave fabric. Both structures use a 12-shaft satin as the root structure. The warp-backed study has only one weft, but sometimes I changed color. I began the weaving with a red 10/2 tencel weft, then changed to purple to weave a small "interruption demo" at the luncheon the other day. Originally I thought the cloth would weave at 70 ppi, and wrote that into the image (as you can see above), but in fact when I counted picks in the cloth, it was really 59.9 ppi. So I modified the image accordingly and wove it, again with red weft. When I measured at the end and did my math, it turns out that it wove at 57.61 ppi. Not a big difference, but i wanted to indicate it in my chart, so I added a "note" and wove it at the top, using purple weft to distinguish it (see image below). 

detail of Note added to warp-backed weaving stating true ppi of 57.61

I was thinking that if I wanted to add footnotes to my weavings with the correct data obtained from the actual weaving, I would have to rotate my images and weave them from top to bottom. It is fun to consider these possibilities, and decide what to do, like adding the top note, since I couldn't go back and unweave the original number 70. In the past I have woven a new strip and sewed it over the wrong information. I guess this is similar to someone having a tattoo that they no longer want, isn't it? 

I am going to be busy for the next two days tutoring. I want everything to go smoothly, so I am very nervous, and at the same time I am so excited because it is an unchartered journey and anything can happen. Each student coming to me is so unique, and it is a wonderful challenge to try and find what works for their needs. Right now, though, I am going to bake a cake for dinner. I have confidence that it is going to turn out perfectly.

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