Thursday, June 18, 2009

4th Day Equals 4th Week

Jungock Kim, SAIC graduate student, starting 3-block double cloth

In a three-week semester, each day is equivalent to one week, so today, day four is really week four. All the students have woven on the TC-1 and two have done sizeable pieces. Almost all of them have finished dressing their floor looms and have begun to weave. Jungock Kim, a graduate in the SAIC program, has set up an ambitious three-block double cloth. She and I figured out a "scaffold tie-up" so she can access any of the three blocks variations with 12 pedals. She is doing double plain and has 12 shafts on the loom. I have had many Korean students in my teaching career, and it is a pleasure to work with her. I made her laugh saying I knew some Korean--I can say "kimchi" and "bulgulgi" and "pajeon". Korean food is right up there with dim sum on my list of what is missing in Randolph.

The Sea of Looms in SAIC Weaving Studio includes a TC-1

Judith Querciagrossa Danaher testing her shaded satin image

Judith Q. Danaher is another student in the class. She is an experienced weaver taking the class to learn more, but not because she is pursing a degree. She is always cheerful and helpful and I am really enjoying her pleasure in learning. If the class continues to be this much fun, I am not going to want to go home in July. We will have our first review on Monday and if the students give me permission, I will post some images of their work here.

My walk home (a nice afternoon after another soaking walk home yesterday and more rain this morning so I took the bus) took me through Millennium Park--past the Crown Fountain and the Bean and then I was drawn to Gehry's Music Pavilion by the sounds of Indian (India) music. Part of the Chicago Free Events is Music Without Borders. There were people picnicking on the grass and more in the seats, and I went and sat down in the Pavilion to listen for awhile. 

Children playing in water at Crown Fountain

View of "Bean"

Frank Gehry's Music Pavllion

View of Indian Musicians from inside Pavilon

View of Building from seat in Pavilon

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