Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Weaver in my Family

Barbara among her ancestors in Stowe, VT

My sister-in-law, Barbara Blount Ziek, was visiting this week, on her way to Felters' Fling at Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA. Barbara and my brother Peter own Wild Hair Alpacas, just north of Colorado Springs, CO. They met many years ago while being ski bums at Stowe, VT. At that time Barbara knew her ancestors had lived in the area, but not much more. We drove over this week and found the gravestones of her great-great-great-grandparents, and other relatives, right in the cemetery in the center of town. This is such a nice aspect of Vermont--there is always another small cemetery just around the corner. I like this reminder that life is fragile, fleeting, and finite--and that there is continuity too--one generation yields their space on earth to the next. It was very moving to take this photograph of Barbara, who has actively searched out information about past generations in her family. It is not something I have done (basically I think we are all related--so why bother with details)--but it did interest me that she knows the names of my grandmother's parents--and I have never even considered that my grandmother had parents.

Sister-in-laws weaving

We spent several days driving all over central Vermont (I am trying to woo them here) but yesterday I spent teaching Barbara how to weave. I like felting (even did a workshop in Turkey once) but I can't shake the idea that they should be spinning their alpaca fiber into yarn for weaving. Since we didn't have any alpaca yarn, I had her use chenille. She triumphantly cut off her scarf this morning.

Barbara wearing her first weaving

I have been wanting to try out the braid twister that Edith House gave me and this was the perfect opportunity. I felt just like Trudy Otis in the picture I posted on my blog--well, maybe not quite so proficient, but pretty good. Thank you Edith!

Bhakti using her braid twister

Finished twisted fringe with twisting tool

My brother comes for a visit next week. Wonder if he wants to learn how to weave?

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  1. I love the utter simplicity of most of the grave markers: upright, rectangular, no gew-gaws.