Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Post

My Roof: West by Bhakti Ziek, 2012
Detail of My Roof: West by Bhakti Ziek
Although I haven't written in this blog for many months, I certainly have thought about it. Too bad you can't read my mind, some of the posts were intelligent and interesting. On the other hand, maybe it is a good idea you can't read my mind.

I wanted you to know that I finished my six panel weaving My Roof and have shown three of the panels in Philadelphia at the Art Alliance (My Roof: East) and tomorrow the other three panels (My Roof: West) debut at the Durango Arts Center in the exhibition Textiles Today: Redefining the Medium, curated by Ilze Aviks. The exhibition will run from April 24 - June 2, 2012. 

Pat dipaula Klein preparing Chocolate Tart from Lovin'Oven in Fenchtown, NJ
But I admit the thing that really got me excited about posting was the chocolate caramel sea salt tart shown above. Pat dipaula Klein is a wonderful artist who lives near Philadelphia. We were colleagues together at Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, but our friendship really developed through the connection to BigTown Gallery in Rochester, Vermont, where we both show. She and her husband come to Vermont each year to visit good friends and we have gotten to know each other, which has also blossomed into a wonderful email exchange. Pat's daughter Julie owns the Lovin' Oven in Frenchtown, NJ and she was featured on the Food Channel's The Best Thing I Ever Ate. I saw the program and have lusted after her salted chocolate caramel tart ever since. We even stopped at the restaurant on our last trip home from Philadelphia but forgot to check days and hours ahead of time and pulled up to find it closed. So when Pat said she would bring dessert to dinner this week ("something from Julie"), of course I requested THE Tart. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful evening of friendship, laughter and buzzing energy. I can still taste the burst of salt mixed with the chocolate and caramel. Next trip to Philadelphia we will time it for a full meal at the Lovin' Oven with Pat and Phil. I know what I will have for dessert.