Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Days

I made a little leaf bouquet for myself today. I just can't resist these red leaves. I have been sitting in front of the computer for days making a powerpoint presentation of my own work to give next week at Colloquy. Up until now I have resisted doing this talk with digital images, but my slide projector has bitten the dust and none of my recent work is recorded as slides, so I have to get up-to-date with a digital presentation. I suppose this is one of the reasons I left academia--I just couldn't bare converting my thousands of slides into digital presentations for studio lectures.

It turns out it is kind of fun making the collages of images in Photoshop and so I made a few for this blog. The fall colors are beautiful and inspiring. Where I collected those leaves above there is an area that is pure pink and red and when I walk my dog there I think I am in a movie by Kurosawa.

Driving and taking these pictures I kept thinking, what a beautiful cliche. I guess cliche is right, it is predictable--curving road showing perspective--but when it is encountered in person, in life, it still is amazing--amazing at each curve. I just can't get enough of fall back east.

We are having our roof redone by Brookfield Roofing. You can see Vernon Camp, the owner, putting down the first metal on the left, and the progression to almost finished with one side on the right. On the ground, Vern is really tall, but up on the roof the sense of perspective changes. He and his men are like mountain goats, and watching them makes me think I could just run up that roof. But in fact, I tried to climb the ladder the other day to reach Mark when he was painting, and I couldn't make it all the way up. Well, I could, but I didn't. Maybe I couldn't.

Brookfield Roofing working on our roof

Here is a better picture of the colors we have chosen for our house: two tones of gray--on the dormer only. My mother-in-law is following this blog, so sometimes I put in things for her. Carole lives near Phoenix and she wrote us that it was cooling down--96 degrees. It has already snowed in some parts of Vermont. Luckily not in Randolph yet, but I am bundled up in a blanket as I write.

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