Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crackle Weave

Crackle yardage by Bhakti Ziek

I finished weaving the crackle studies yesterday. I used up yarn on bobbins, almost randomly taking them from my baskets, though in the end, the cloth looked very harmonious. Not sure if I will cut it apart for dish towels, let my husband have it to paint on, or just fold it up and put it away. There is enough yardage for all three possibilities.

The pictures show the cloth just off the loom, but now it has been washed and is drying. If it looks significantly different, I will post a picture. I was trying to get a handle on differences in the cloth by using different weights yarn for both the ground tabby and pattern, sometimes using a very fine tabby weft and sometimes just slightly thinner than the pattern weft. Obviously there are differences, but it all looks okay to me. There is something oddly pleasing about just making traditional cloth. The editors of the book must have liked crackle too, since they used it as the background weave on the cover.

I am going to try and figure out how to use crackle for a jacquard weaving. Am feeling almost ready to start again.

Crackle Studies based on this book

Studies 493 to 495 (top to bottom)

Crackle Studies 496 to 498

Crackle Studies 499 to 501 plus one by Bhakti Ziek

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