Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Studio

Maybe I am an urban nomad. I have lived in New York City apartments, mud huts with no amenities in Guatemala and Mexico, small cottages in Kansas, the dark basement of a lakeside manor in Michigan, a factory converted to an artists' cooperative in Philadelphia, a solar straw-bale house in New Mexico, and a bland track building in Tempe, Arizona. The list is not complete. My most recent move was to a beautiful spacious Victorian built in 1900 in Randolph, Vermont. February 14th we (my husband and I) will celebrate one year of ownership, though we didn't actually move into the house until September first.

After settling five of my looms into two rooms on the second floor, my husband suggested we switch spaces and move his studio into those rooms, and my looms to the finished third floor attic that he had been using. What seemed like an easy request turned into a lot of work for him. I pulled up the carpet and he laid a pine board floor. He also removed some walls and plastered and painted the room. Last week we moved the looms upstairs, along with my yarn and other weaving tools. It is a beautiful space, with good light from windows and sky lights. It is the kind of space that draws me to it. It feels good to be there.

So now the question is, when I am going to start to weave? Of course I have the real excuse that I have to do my taxes first. And then there is the preparation for the party on the 14th to celebrate this move. And since we joined the gym at the local college, I have to go to water aerobics three mornings a week....And of course, now I have this blog to write!

This is my first post. I don't expect to actually write here daily, maybe weekly will do. I have lots of plans for the studio and will share the journey, inviting you to join me upstairs.


  1. a great first posting! lovely to imagine you going back to work there. Now to post the pictures, just go to your dashboard at Blogspot, and hit "edit posting" and continue onward. I can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Just like weaving is addictive, blogging is too!

    I started my blog in December, and thought I'd just post a couple things about my slightly obscure Toika loom.

    But now I love seeing other weavers' lives, studios and work - and I love sharing what I'm up to in my blog.

    Welcome to New England....if you weren't here already! (I'm in New Hampshire - near the Seacoast.)



  3. Welcome Bhakti! I've admired your work for a long time and glad you'll be sharing it with us here online. I've been blogging just over a year, now, and absolutely love it. The best part is that where originally I was concerned that it would take time away from my art, it has, in fact, inspired me to be far more creative than if I weren't blogging. So I hope you enjoy it all!

  4. Brava!!!
    So happy to see you on-line!!

    Enjoy your lovely home.

  5. Bhakti, Just beautiful! Cannot wait to read more! Kate

  6. Bhakti, I am so happy you are doing this! I actually started one as well last week. Such a great way to keep up. I love seeing your space. Congrats to you and Mark. What a great new home. Kate

  7. Bhakti, what a beautiful studio! There seems to be so much light. You're going to find it a joy to work there I'm sure. All that snow must be such a change from Arizona! Speaking of small worlds, your sister-in-law took a felting class from me last summer. What fun.

    Pat (Spark)

  8. Glad you sent me the link to your blog, Bhakti. I've enjoyed doing mine so much--about two years into it now, hard to believe! But it's a great way to keep track of my fiber friends around the world.
    Love seeing your home, studio and am so much looking forward to getting up there later this spring (is is spring yet?!!?)