Monday, February 9, 2009

Pictures of House and Studio

This is the house! Of course right now the ground and roof are covered with snow. But spring is right around the corner and we hope to add herbs to the beautiful perennials already there. 

Last Spring, before we moved here, I did a series of weavings of the house on my TC-1 loom. They all used a 20/2 tencel warp set at 60 epi. This weaving was done in weft-backed structures of satin and twill bases using three wefts. I imposed a road map of the Randolph area on top of the image of the house, then converted the roads to phrases.

Three views of the studio. There are five looms up there--three Macomber shaft looms, one 24-shaft Louet Magic Dobby, and my TC-1--queen of them all.

By the way, Carol Westfall and Trish Fowler wrote a very nice article on my work in the summer issue of Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot. Also The Herald, the local Randolph newspaper, ran an article on Mark and I moving to town. If you click on The Herald in previous line you can read the whole article. The author, Stephen Morris, who is editor of The Green Living Journal, was the publisher of the straw bale book we referenced when we built our house in New Mexico. Randolph is full of "small world" connections.


  1. You have absolutely the neatest studio I have every seen! Well, not qite true. There is a tapestry weaver in the Taos area with an equally unbelievably neat studio....(grin!). Welcome to the weave blog world!

  2. What a beautiful studio! It reminds me a bit of my attic studio in Chicago. I love the article about you both -- I learned a bit more of your history there.

  3. Mmmm, love the bright room and the skylights. I predict that beautiful cloth will be woven here... One of my favourite things about weavers' blogs is seeing inside their weave-space, so thank you for sharing.

  4. What a beautiful house and fantastic studio!
    We have a wrap around porch too; it's one of our favorite places in the summer.