Monday, February 16, 2009

Report on Party

Our party was a big success. I kept leaving conversations mid-sentence to go greet new arrivals. I hope no one thought I was rude. The day was blue sky beautiful and the house came alive with all the good energy from our guests. Above you see the wonderful platters we used for serving the food. Holly Walker, who is also new in Randolph, lent them to us. Holly moved here from the Penland community and a mutual friend put us in touch. Her friendship has been one of the signs that the move to Randolph was meant to be. Setting the table with her ceramics was a joy.

You can see some of the food and my friend Marianne McCann enjoying herself. Marianne always enjoys herself, it is one of her gifts. We went to graduate school together at Cranbrook Academy of Art. She lives nearby in Tunbridge. Moving to a new town and having old friends who have known us for years has made the move incredibly easy. Then making new friends was icing on the cake. You can see Marianne's work on her Etsy site.

The other family that drew us to Vermont are the Sacca-Billings, who also live in Tunbridge. Elizabeth Billings was at Cranbrook with Marianne and I, and her husband Michael Sacca, and my husband Mark Goodwin, were part of the spouses team then. Now they have three children, Isaac, Susanna and Mario who keep us laughing and on our toes with practical jokes. The table was full of bright little bottles--and when you opened them you could blow bubbles. Now why did it take me so long to figure out who they came from? Somehow they always get me--no matter how many pranks they pull, I am never prepared. If I could give party favors out through this blog, I would hand you each a small bottle of bubbles.

I did find my two small weavings--Recipes 1 and Recipes 2. Each one is only 7-1/2 inches high by 6-3/4 inches wide. These are the weavings I mentioned in my last post.


  1. Looks like a great party! Wish I was there.

  2. hmm! silly me, had not paid proper attention to the recipes.
    Fun party!

    neki desu