Saturday, August 6, 2011

Art Trip

Empress by Bhakti Ziek, 2011
handwoven jacquard using shaded satins

I am finishing the work for the upcoming exhibition I am having at BigTown Gallery. I will be exhibiting with Pat Adams, a wonderful painter. For this show I am mounting my work on stretched linen so the linen shows as a border, the way ethnographic textiles are often mounted. The exhibition runs from August 24th to September 25th, with an artists' reception on August 27th.

Mark and I had an art trip last week. We met my cousins at Mass Moca and also went to the Clark with them. Carol is a painter so we were all serious viewers. The Nari Ward exhibition at Mass Moca was worth the trip. He has made a spectacular sculpture from the floor boards that were used in the previous Anselm Kiefer exhibition. There was a boat in the room, and this huge basket form based on a fishing trap. In the next room he had wooden stalls with images from textile sample books. And beyond that he had a room of foam snowmen encrusted with debris both natural and man-made.

Nu Colossus by Nari Ward at Mass Moca

Stall by Nari Ward at Mass Moca

Mango Tourists by Nari Ward at Mass Moca

Of course a visit to the Sol LeWitt murals is always a treat for me. There are some that I stand in wonder in front of, and others that I shake my head and run past, but all together, they are always powerful and exciting to see.

Details of Sol LeWitt Murals at Mass Moca

This trip we bought the ticket that gave us access to both The Clark and Mass Moca. We all wanted to see the El Anatsui sculptures that were on display in the Tadao Ando Stone Hill Center up the hill from the main musuem. Everything looks good in that space. We also saw the Pissarro exhibition but by that time I think I had seen enough. It was a long day, beautiful drive, great to be with family, and wonderful to see contemporary art--everything fed us.

Sculptures by El Anatsui at The Clark


  1. Thank you for sharing the photos of your art trip! I so enjoyed them but was especially drawn to El Anatsui's work. He was unfamiliar to me so I am grateful for the introduction! Beautiful sculptures...the painter in me loves the 'drapery' with it's folds and shadows...the weaver part loves the making of 'cloth'. I hope to get to the Clark to see his work.

  2. The new piece is really wonderful--both evocative and serene. Where does the name come from?