Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tutorial on TC1

Karin Muller La Belle from Luzern, Switzerland working on Bhakti Ziek's TC-1 Loom

It's been a long time since I said yes to a private student but Karin Muller La Belle asked to work with me at a time that fit perfectly with my schedule. I knew I would be finishing work for my upcoming show at BigTown Gallery--finishing meaning sewing, not weaving--and my loom would be available for her to use. Karin is the Studio Director/Manager at the Hochschule Luzern and overseas the weaving, knitting and embroidery studios. I have been extremely lucky with the people who have come to study with me--and I couldn't have asked for a more lovely student than Karin. She had some clear parameters for what she needed to learn and she worked diligently to accomplish everything. One of the things she needed to see was how to reconfigure the loom for different setts. When she arrived the loom was set up with two modules by two modules (30 epi). She wove a sample of shaded satins on the remaining warp (you can see front and back in the picture above), and then with the help of my husband Mark, we reconfigured the loom the next morning in about an hour. Now the modules are one behind another. Then together we wound back a new silk warp (60 epi) and threaded together. By evening she had half of the warp through dents, and the next morning she was weaving double cloth. I love this loom. And I think by the end of the week Karin loved it too. She wove 5.5 yards on the silk warp, leaving me about half a yard to go before I reconfigure the loom back to two by two. You can a detail of the beautiful scarf she wove at the end. I have a TC-1 loom, but anyone interested in the loom today will be getting a TC-2, which sounds like it is about ready to launch.

I had a funny experience the other day. I was doing a google search on Henry's Attic 16/2 linen and was surprised to see a link to one of my blog posts--so I checked it out. It was December 25, 2009 and I had posted an image of the curtains I had just made as well as a link to a Gateau Basque that I made after listening to an NPR program. I had forgotten about that cake--but since we had an invite to dinner that night I found the recipe and made it again. It was delicious!

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  1. It has been pointed out that I misspelled the word oversees in the post above (spell check can't read my mind) but I feel like it is funny enough to leave alone. Thanks Ruth. Bhakti